Asia TM Industries (ATMI) is a specialist design & engineering company based out of Bangkok with a fully equipped fabrication facility. Anything from concept (utilizing 3D CAD drawing) to completion we generally take on, but not limited to, the jobs most label as ”not possible” or ‘‘it can’t be done’’.
Asia TMI design and manufacture all types of specialised vehicles, such as mobile clinics, mobile disaster management centres, mobile show rooms, and mobile LED screens.
We can incorporate automation into structural systems such as HMI touch screens and PLC based control mechanisms.
Our Facility in Bangkok produce engineered products for all areas of specialised design, from one off to mass production.
ATMI is the exclusive agency partners for NSA Australia offering border security and emergency services technology and hardware solutions along with hotel security systems and high net worth individual security solutions.


Big Screen Company

The Big Screen Company, along with Asia TMI  and RaceTech, are a designer and producer of the largest mobile LED screen in the southern hemisphere.
The Big Screen Company provides LED Video Screens & signs throughout all parts of Australia, Thailand, and the world.
The Big Screen Company’s objective is to provide high quality and professionally presented video screens that enhance our customer’s events. Our competitive and innovative solutions have changed the way event managers think out LED screen solutions.

The Big Screen Company is able to setup an LED screen virtually anywhere and we can do so with an average setup time of approx 20mins from arrival to LED screen viewing.
The Big Screen Company is the mobile LED screen solution.

Storage Solutions

Safe Storage Solutions Phuket offer a variety of storage solutions for domestic and commercial use.
We are able to cater from small storage lockers to large custom storage spaces.
Safe Storage Solutions Phuket offer the most competitive rates of storage on the island.

If you need storage you need to contact Safe Storage Solutions Phuket.