About Us

About Us

Teak Timber Phuket have worked hard at being the first legal Burmese teak provider based on the island of Phuket. Through our diligence and integrity, we have established sound working relationships with our staff in Thailand and abroad.

Teak Timber Phuket offers some of the finest quality quarter sawn golden Burmese teak commercially available on the market, we hand select and grade the timbers specifically to a strict standard and international expectations.

We have experienced sawers and graders on location to ensure that the teak is correctly graded for its intended application. This ensures that we only receive the quality we are seeking, be it FEQ (First European Quality) quarter sawn, mixed sawn, super yacht decking standard or non FEQ furniture grade timbers and so on.

We have over 30 years experience working with timber in marine and domestic applications and are well established within the South East Asian community, furthermore, we understand and appreciate the requirements and challenges which come from working in South East Asia.

If you are looking for a company which is able to supply high-end quality teak and timber, along with the ability to offer  add on services such as machining, processing, and custom installation, then Teak Timber Phuket is the company for you. We offer a complete service and are still comfortable enough to offer just what ever it is you require.

FEQ is officially defined as teak with no knots, cracks, sapwood or insect holes. It is not generally graded for grain formation or orientation. The term “First European Quality” can cause confusion among many suppliers and customers. FEQ is the lowest grading exported for marine use.